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  • What Is a Smart Locker and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Whatever industry and size, any business can benefit from an efficient ITAM (IT Asset Management) system, from a small family business to a multinational corporation.

One component of this system is smart lockers, smart technology-driven storage lockers. They are used for securing and controlling reusable company equipment and managing workflows and are integrated with cloud-based software that can provide real-time data.

Businesses need smart lockers to help drive future growth, and here are the reasons why:

Better Equipment Health And Maintenance Monitoring

Assets, especially electronic devices, are bound to require regular maintenance at some point. In a traditional asset lifecycle management, when an asset is checked in with problems, sometimes the device’s issue isn’t addressed until it is checked out again.

A smart asset vending system with cloud-based software like Teqtivity can be customized so employees can record an asset’s health and status upon check-in, whether it requires charging, an LCD replacement, or just a software update.

In turn, your maintenance staff will be immediately notified through easy push notifications, indicating the device’s condition and whether it requires any repair. This allows the technicians to schedule maintenance tasks or repairs based on the problem reports they receive.

Better Device Usage Insights

This is probably one of the critical features of the best IT asset management solutions that aren’t found in conventional asset tagging. A smart enterprise asset management system’s content surveillance features give you immediate access to the latest data on when, where, and how company property is being utilized in the form of accessible reports.

Having all this collection of usage data in the palm of your hands allows you to see trends within your smart asset management from user-friendly event logs. Being able to see these performance trends will then help you identify and rectify large scale business problems

Streamlined Operations

Some of the reasons why assets get misplaced are human error, improper paper tracking, or hoarding. Sometimes, when staff needs a piece of equipment to perform a specific job, they waste a lot of time locating items. A smart asset management system helps you eliminate these issues in one fell swoop, allowing your workforce to be as productive as ever.

If your business involves storing electronics, you’ll benefit a lot from smart asset and inventory management. Besides helping you secure equipment, they can also enable you to design and implement whole new workflows based on smart feedback and communication features.

Ready To Work Even In Emergency Situations

Whenever you cycle assets, you want each movement to be as smooth and as quick as possible, even through unprecedented events such as electrical outages or network failure.

Lockers in a smart inventory management system come with battery backups, so that smart features stay working even without power. They can also continue to operate normally even when they get disconnected from the network. Once the network is restored, the outage data will then be synced with the management software.

Optimal Use Of Assets

Every organization strives to be more cost-efficient. A simple, intelligent IT asset tracking solution dramatically improves this by automating cycling assets for equal use. Here is the situation. You have some assets in storage. Your employees may need these for specific tasks/jobs like laptops or smartphones.

If you can verify which asset is in which locker and how many hours it’s been used, you’ll be able to identify which one has the least amount of use. With this information, you can easily make users rotate through the entire pool of assets. Every company equipment is utilized equally, and nothing is merely collecting dust.

Increased Staff Accountability = Reduced Asset Losses

Another way for organizations to be more cost-effective is to reduce asset replacement costs due to loss or theft. Knowing which asset is checked out to which specific employee helps increase accountability which then ensures that each company asset is returned properly

The hardware asset tagging and tracking feature of smart lockers do just that, and then some. Every time a device is signed in, managers will immediately know who was the last individual to access a specific locker at a particular time. Push notifications will also help them know if specific devices aren’t returned on time and allow them to instruct their staff to immediately search for the device so they can be recovered more quickly.


Investing in an asset tracking solution with a smart locker system like Teqtivity powered by cloud-based software like Teqtivity enables organizations, especially large tech companies or shipping/fulfillment companies, to solve storage and distribution challenges. The best thing about this specific type of smart product is that its flexible modules can continue to adapt as the company’s technology size continues to scale up.