Inventory Management

Streamline all of your inventory procedures in one place.

Office desks with computers
Office desks with computers

Revolutionize your asset management

Manage your assets and maintain comprehensive records from creation or addition in Teqtivity. We can integrate with your vendors to access accurate shipping details. With Teqtivity’s streamlined asset management, you’ll have complete control over your assets’ lifecycle and accurate information at your fingertips.

Office desks with computers

Quick integrations and real-time insights

Teqtivity is integrated with vendors such as CDW, SHI and more, where you will be able to receive accurate real-time details. So you can:


  • Review asset purchase details
  • Track the total number of assets purchased
  • Stay informed about the assets received
  • Smoothly check how many assets are yet to be received


Teqtivity empowers you with accurate, real-time information at your fingertips, ensuring efficient asset management and informed decision-making.

Office desks with computers

Precision inventory with asset cycle counts

Enhance inventory management with our efficient system that allows you to cycle count  your current assets with detailed information. With Teqtivity, you can:


  • Track the precise storage location of each asset.
  • Identify the assigned user or department for each asset
  • Stay updated on the current physical status of your assets
  • Review discrepancies between assets in Teqtivity and physically located in your storage rooms
Office desks with computers

In-depth insights: elevate your reporting

The reporting feature of our tool helps in better decision-making and making processes much easier. Some reports you can generate include the following:


  • In Stock Computers: Gain insights and relevant details about assets currently in storage locations and ready to deploy.
  • Fleet Age: Accurately review the age all of assets within your fleet.
  • User Reports: Identify IT assets assigned to users, monitor the number of assets assigned to each user, and track asset returns or potential issues.