Lifecycle Management

Seamless lifecycle management for optimal productivity.

Simplified lifecycle control

Create statuses and workflow rules for your IT assets, giving you the capability to conveniently track their current physical condition. From Brand New to Assigned, Used, Damaged, Legal Hold, Lost, and End of Life, stay up to date on each asset’s history and lifecycle.

Access the comprehensive history of your assets, starting from the moment they were created or added to your system. With Teqtivity, critical asset information is readily available whenever you need it.

Elevate your IT asset awareness

Stay informed about the physical condition of your assets through their statuses, enabling you to plan and arrange more effectively. For example, understanding asset damage allows you to identify user trends when assigned to specific departments and users.

Observing the “End of Life” status helps improve asset disposal procedures, enhancing operational efficiency.

Enhanced asset visibility

  • Lifecycle Customization: Tailor Teqtivity to align with your team’s processes procedures.
  • Augmented Asset Assignments: Reduce misunderstandings and the need for asset replacements with well-defined workflow rules.
  • Seamless Integration: Smoothly integrate Teqtivity with your existing tools, ensuring a smooth workflow without disrupting your current processes.
  • Integration with ITAD Providers: Maintain your current asset disposal policies by integrating Teqtivity with ITAD Providers.


Experience the power of Teqtivity and optimize your ITAM operations with enhanced customization, streamlined workflows, and seamless integrations.

Efficient and user-friendly

Have confidence in asset status through efficient and user-friendly functions that provide:


  • Accurate Asset Tracking: Stay informed about the current status of all your IT assets with precision and ensure timely deployment.
  • Simplified Asset Management: Easily change asset statuses, create or add new assets, and assign assets to users with just a few clicks and no complex steps.
  • Hassle-Free Asset Procurement: Streamline bulk asset upload and effortless receiving processes for an uninterrupted experience.


With our highly efficient and user-friendly tool, you can eliminate any doubts about your assets’ current status.