Teqtivity is an innovative tech and IT asset tracking solution for businesses of all sizes.

Cost Savings

Capturing inefficiencies, Teqtivity streamlines operating procedures to save time and money.

Real Time Control

Our cloud-based system gives you real time updates to save time and increase visibility.


Automated tracking and distribution for all your business assets has never been simpler.

Our comprehensive software program integrates with your business’ internal systems to better track company assets.

From laptops to smartphones to cables, the Teqtivity software can seamlessly connect with our Qube modular smart lockers to charge, store and keep track of inventory. Companies grant employees or clients access to Qube lockers – available in several size options – through assigned PIN numbers or employee badges.

Control your IT assets. Don’t let them control you.

Lifecycle Management

Manage and track all of your assets in a single system throughout the asset's lifecycle, including maintenance, repair and overall use.

Track Inventory

Track and move inventory according to real time stats to reduce bottlenecks and decrease overspending.

Financial Reporting

Capture snapshot histories that highlight inventory and management controls for financial forecasts or regulatory purposes.

Modular Design

Mix and match module sizes within two Qube models to include a variety of assets within a single locker system.

Integrated Power

Each individual locker box comes equipped with USB ports, charge cables, or power outlets for easy charging while the item is in storage.

Security & Authentication

Allow controlled access to employees and other users using various identification methods, such as proximity cards, PIN codes, biometrics and more.

Seamless Integration with...