Conquer Hardware Chaos: Launch Your Startup with Confidence

Unburden your early days. Simplify tracking, optimize costs, and unlock growth from day one. Focus on your vision, not spreadsheets.

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Boost Efficiency

  • Automate Tedious Tasks
    Ditch spreadsheets and repetitive processes. Spend less time managing hardware and more time making your startup shine. Teqtivity automates adding, updating, and reporting on all your devices, freeing your team to focus on innovation and growth.
  • Seamless Device Management
    Simplify device lifecycles with integrations to popular MDM solutions like Jamf, Kandji, Intune, WorkspaceOne, GoogleMDM, and more. Enjoy effortless onboarding, offboarding, and configuration management, eliminating IT headaches.
  • Streamlined Workflows
    Eliminate manual processes and paperwork. Leverage automated workflows and HR integrations for swift, error-free hardware onboarding and offboarding, saving time and ensuring smooth transitions.

Gain Complete Control & Optimize Costs

  • Identify & Reclaim Hidden Cost
    Uncover underutilized devices lurking in your inventory. Teqtivity’s robust reporting features empower you to identify these resources and reclaim them, leading to significant cost savings on hardware purchases.
  • Enhanced Accountability & Compliance
    Maintain a detailed audit trail of all asset activities, including transfers, disposals, and ownership changes. Teqtivity ensures complete transparency and accountability, helping you adhere to compliance regulations effortlessly.
  • Accuracy & Reduced Errors
    Eliminate manual data entry and its associated errors with automated discrepancy reports. Gain accurate inventory insights to make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Predictive Maintenance & Reduced Downtime
    Leverage reports on damaged trends, refresh cycles, and depreciation to optimize asset lifecycles. Take proactive measures to avoid surprises and minimize downtime, ensuring consistent business operations.

Scale Easily & Adapt to Change:

  • Customize & Grow Together
    No two startups are alike. Teqtivity adapts to your unique workflow and needs, seamlessly scaling alongside your growing team and infrastructure. Say goodbye to rigid systems that hold you back, and embrace agile ITAM tailored for your success.
  • Intuitive Interface & Quick Adoption
    Get started faster and easier with Teqtivity’s intuitive interface. Even non-IT experts can navigate seamlessly, reducing onboarding time and minimizing implementation complexities.
  • Build a Strong Foundation
    Lay the groundwork for future success with robust ITAM practices from day one. Teqtivity empowers you to manage your hardware efficiently, optimize costs, and gain valuable insights, setting you up for sustainable growth.