Onboarding and Offboarding

Simplify your onboarding and offboarding experience.

Office desks with computers
Office desks with computers

Smooth onboarding: effortless deployments

Improve the efficiency of your onboarding processes and procedures while reducing worry and struggle. With our system, you can:


  • Generate inventory reports and track the number of new hires to anticipate device requirements.
  • Streamline asset assignments to new employees with simplified steps.
  • Seamlessly track assets received and delivered directly to new users/employees.
  • Create and manage hardware kits required for new hires
Office desks with computers

Simplified returns: streamline employee offboarding

Streamline your offboarding processes for worry-free and efficient transitions. Through Teqtivity, you can:


  • Review Termination Reports to track employees leaving the organization and the assets assigned to them.
  • Obtain clear insights into the assets that need to be returned and by whom.
  • Customize workflows and enable device locking for uncollected assets.
  • Seamlessly integrate with tools like Retriever to track asset collections.