Compliance and Security

Amplify asset protection with compliance and security.

Office desks with computers
Office desks with computers

Elevate your control: centralize asset management

Unlock the power of Teqtivity as the ultimate source of truth for your asset data. From asset history and data backup to data security, statuses, legal hold status, warranty information, and more, experience complete visibility and control.

Office desks with computers

Control your assets with precision and ease

  • Enhanced Device Management
    Integrate with MDM solutions for real time device information.
  • Streamlined Asset Lifecycle Management
    Effectively manage and track the entire lifecycle of assets, from acquisition to end-of-life, ensuring efficient processes, policy compliance, and transparent data destruction.
  • Efficient Audit Trail
    Maintain a detailed audit trail of asset activities, including transfers, disposals, and changes in ownership, to ensure accountability and compliance.
Office desks with computers

Seamless harmony with MDM solutions

Integrate Teqtivity with your preferred MDM solutions like Workspace ONE, Jamf, Kandji, Intune, MobileIron, and more to maintain a seamless workflow and optimize asset tracking. Experience the following benefits once Teqtivity is connected to your MDM solution:


  • Discrepancy Reports
    Stay informed about any user discrepancies between Teqtivity and your MDM.
  • Seamless Asset Integration
    Ensure all assets are accounted for by identifying any devices not yet being managed.
  • Lock Workflows
    Implement remote lock workflows to secure devices that are lost, stolen, or haven’t been returned.