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  • Staying Compliant and Secure: How Teqtivity Supports the New SEC Cybersecurity Rules

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently adopted new regulations aimed at enhancing transparency and accountability for public companies regarding cybersecurity. These rules, adopted in July 2023, focus on two key areas: cybersecurity incident disclosure and cybersecurity risk management, strategy, and governance. While not directly mandating specific IT asset management (ITAM) practices, these regulations indirectly impact how public companies manage their IT assets.

Here’s how Teqtivity’s solutions can empower public companies to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape and comply with the SEC’s new rules:

1. Enhanced Risk Identification and Assessment:

  • Comprehensive Asset Inventory: Teqtivity provides a centralized view of all your IT assets, including laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. This comprehensive inventory helps identify unmanaged or outdated assets, potential security vulnerabilities, and areas requiring attention.
  • Vulnerability Management: Teqtivity integrates with EDR tools to report on vulnerabilities across your IT infrastructure. This enables you to focus on patching critical vulnerabilities and mitigating risks associated with unpatched devices.

2. Streamlined Implementation of Controls and Policies:

  • User Access Management: Teqtivity’s system helps manage user access and permissions, ensuring only authorized individuals have access to your IT assets. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

3. Improved Visibility and Control with Mobile Device Management (MDM) Integration:

  • Device Encryption Reporting: Teqtivity integrates with MDM solutions to provide visibility into device encryption status. This allows IT teams to identify unencrypted devices and enforce encryption policies, safeguarding sensitive information even in case of loss or theft.

By implementing Teqtivity’s solutions, companies can gain a comprehensive understanding of their IT environment, identify and address vulnerabilities, enforce security policies, and maintain accurate asset records. This not only strengthens their overall cybersecurity posture but also facilitates compliance with the SEC’s new cybersecurity rules.

Contact Teqtivity today to learn more about how our ITAM solutions can empower your organization to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape and achieve regulatory compliance.