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Update Jira service desk tickets using Teqtivity anytime you complete a task. Jira will automatically post the response to the open ticket — including who completed it and when — so you won’t have to enter the information twice. You can direct Jira to push onboarding and offboarding tickets into Teqtivity’s new hire and termination tool to get assets assigned or collected quickly.

Effortlessly manage your team’s assets in Teqtivity from Jira tickets

Visualize reporters’ assets in Jira: With the Teqtivity app, you can view all assets that are assigned or loaned to the ticket reporter

The Teqtivity for Jira plugin provides you with the ability to update the status and location of each asset in Teqtivity within the Jira interface, eliminating the need to log into Teqtivity to perform the task.

Jira Software

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Update ServiceNow tickets directly from Teqtivity.


Streamline ticket management by utilizing our seamless integration with Zendesk