Application Security

Application security is often the first line of defense when it comes to Cyber-Security, and Teqtivity, from the ground up, has gone to great lengths employing our hosted data center on the back of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS platform is known for its superior security methods with companies around the world. See: AWS Security Whitepaper.

In our approach to application development, Teqtivity, takes a multilayered approach to application security, to ensure deployment, including architecture and quality assurance processes complies with the best practices in regards to security. Emerging Cyber-Security best practices increasingly revolve around a more comprehensive and holistic framework. Teqtivity has taken a critical proactive and nuanced approach that incorporates multilayered security, cyber-security intelligence, development methodologies, advanced analytics, and user education and training in its efforts to create a secure environment for its customers.

In more detail, applications are protected by an AWS firewall appliance and software that monitors traffic and set thresholds to protect from DDoS attacks, such as SYN floods or possibly UDP reflection attacks.

Our industry practiced methodologies are aimed at securing business data in the cloud using:

SSL/TLS encryption over the internet securing end to end connectivity.
Single Sign-On
Two Factor Authentication
Encrypted PPI
Strong Password Practices: protect against brute-force, common word, and dictionary attacks.
Access to the application by the Teqtivity’s development team is controlled, managed and audited. Access to the application and the infrastructure are logged for subsequent audits.

Security Development Methodologies

With development architecture, Teqtivity deploys the latest industry standard implementation in the evolution of frontend and backend development.

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP): See OWASP top 10
Agile Development Methodologies: Ensuring that the software at all stages is designed and written with security in mind.
Single-tenant data model to ensure no cross pollination of data
Penetration Testing Development and Audits

Database Security

Data protection is Teqtivity’s main directive and we have taken great lengths to ensure the safety of our client’s data through the use of regular audits, implementing the most secure platforms, staying abreast of the latest security vulnerabilities, internal training, and regular audits of our staff. Overall, ensuring our clients the greatest protections of their data.

Confidentiality, Integrity, & Availability

Ensuring the greatest controls, Teqtivity runs hot sites and mirrored servers for the greatest uptime obtainable with todays technologies. Guaranteeing the highest availability and integrity of our customer data.


Server instance and backup run regularly throughout the day to ensure the greatest integrity of our customers data.

  • Veracode
  • Amazon Web Services
  • SNYK
  • Sentry