After completing a task, streamline your workflow by utilizing Teqtivity’s seamless integration with Zendesk service desk tickets. With this easy integration, there’s no need to duplicate information, as Zendesk will automatically update the corresponding open ticket with the response, including details of who completed the task and when. Additionally, for efficient asset assignment and collection, you can instruct Zendesk to forward onboarding and offboarding tickets directly to Teqtivity’s new hire and termination tool.

Effortlessly manage your team’s resources within Teqtivity, directly from Zendesk tickets. By using the Teqtivity for Zendesk plugin, you can conveniently update the status and location of each asset without the need to log into Teqtivity separately. Simplify your asset management process and enhance collaboration between Teqtivity and Zendesk with this streamlined integration.


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Update ServiceNow tickets directly from Teqtivity.

Jira Software

Update Jira service desk tickets using Teqtivity anytime you complete a task.