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  • Master Onboarding with ITAM: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you noticed how quickly things change? Especially the digital landscape, which is always switching gears, bringing new trends and ways of doing things. Organizations heavily rely on their IT infrastructure to streamline operations and gain a competitive edge. However, managing the vast array of IT assets can be challenging without proper strategies in place. This is where IT Asset Management comes into play. ITAM is a critical component for optimizing resources, minimizing risks, and maximizing returns.

ITAM provides a comprehensive framework for acquiring, deploying, maintaining, and retiring assets in a controlled and cost-effective manner. By effectively managing IT assets, organizations can achieve greater visibility into their IT infrastructure, enhance security and compliance, improve operational efficiency, and maximize returns on IT investments.

Understanding the Role of ITAM with New Hires

The process of welcoming new team members is essential for their success. Having good IT Asset Management (ITAM) practices is crucial to make onboarding efficient. Managing IT assets well is a significant part of this. It includes keeping track of assets, knowing where they are, and providing new hires with the tools they need. ITAM also involves handling software licenses, following rules, and ensuring security and privacy. Additionally, ITAM aids in organizing how assets are given out. Monitoring assets helps in using resources better, avoiding overuse or underuse, and improving efficiency in operations.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Onboarding with ITAM

When it comes to onboarding with ITAM, a structured approach is key. Firstly, utilize ITAM tools like Teqtivity for pre-onboarding preparations like setting up access and configuring devices in advance. On the onboarding day, ensure a smooth experience by seamlessly integrating new hires into the system. Post-onboarding, evaluate the process to identify areas for enhancement and ensure the new team members are fully equipped for their roles. This systematic method helps in creating a positive onboarding experience for all involved.

Pre-Onboarding Preparations with ITAM Tools

Prior to onboarding, leveraging ITAM tools for prepping is crucial. This phase involves setting up new hire profiles, allocating necessary software licenses, and ensuring hardware assets like laptops are ready. With a clear picture of specific needs, IT teams can streamline the process. Utilizing ITAM software, such as Teqtivity allows for easy access to asset inventory. 

Post-Onboarding: Evaluating Success and Areas for Improvement

After finishing onboarding, evaluating its success is vital. Check how well the new employee fits in, understands their duties, and adopts the company culture. Feedback from the new hire and team members helps enhance future onboarding. Assessing post-onboarding aids ongoing improvement for a welcoming and positive environment for new team members.

Remote Onboarding: The New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has made remote work more relevant and necessary, making remote onboarding the new normal for many organizations. Remote onboarding refers to the process of integrating new employees into an organization without any face-to-face interactions. While remote onboarding presents unique challenges, ITAM tools can help overcome these challenges to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

Challenges of Remote Onboarding and ITAM Solutions

First and most obvious challenge you can face during a remote onboarding process is, technical issues, other challenges include; lack of in-person interactions, and the need to establish effective communication and collaboration channels. ITAM solutions can help address these challenges by providing remote employees with access to necessary IT assets, software, and tools. ITAM tools can also facilitate communication and collaboration by integrating with other IT systems, such as ITSM platforms, and providing clear guidelines and documentation for remote employees.

Best Practices for Remote Onboarding with ITAM Tools

To optimize remote onboarding with ITAM tools, organizations can follow these best practices:

1. Establish clear communication channels: Ensure remote employees have access to communication and collaboration tools, such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and project management platforms.

2. Provide detailed documentation: Create comprehensive documentation and guidelines for remote employees, including information on IT assets, software usage, security protocols, and remote work policies.

3. Offer virtual training and support: Provide remote employees with virtual training sessions and ongoing support to familiarize them with ITAM tools and processes.

4. Foster virtual socialization: Encourage remote employees to engage in virtual social activities, such as virtual coffee chats or team-building exercises, to help them feel connected and part of the team.

5. Regularly evaluate and gather feedback: Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of remote onboarding processes and gather feedback from remote employees to identify areas for improvement and ensure a positive onboarding experience.

Teqtivity: Revolutionizing Onboarding with ITAM Solutions

Teqtivity is an IT Asset Management solution designed to simplify and enhance the onboarding process among other features that enable the entire process to be a breeze for your organization. It offers features and functionalities that make onboarding more efficient, productive, and user-friendly.

How Teqtivity Simplifies the New Hire Process

Teqtivity simplifies the process by providing a centralized platform for managing IT assets, software licenses, and user accounts. Teqtivity also offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for new hires to navigate and access the resources they need.

Features of Teqtivity that Enhance Efficiency

Teqtivity offers key features that enhance onboarding efficiency, including:

  • New Hire Reports: Through various integrations, Teqtivity provides a forecast of future hires to allow your teams to setup and deploy assets ahead of time.
  • Forecasting Calculators: Teqtivity’s Forecasting Calculator provides an overview of the number of assets required and the value of assets.
  • Automated tracking: Teqtivity automates the creation and assignment of devices, reducing manual work and ensuring consistency.
  • Reporting and analytics: Teqtivity offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling organizations to gain insights into asset utilization, costs, compliance status, and onboarding performance.


Mastering onboarding with ITAM is important. Understand ITAM’s role, use tools for asset management and security. Prepare with ITAM, meet first day expectations, evaluate success. In remote onboarding, tackle challenges with ITAM, follow best practices. Predict future ITAM trends and simplify processes with Teqtivity. Stay updated and efficient with Teqtivity’s solutions.