Google Workspace

Integrate Google Workspace with Teqtivity for streamlined asset management.

  • You can leverage Google’s single sign-on feature to secure assets and data.
  • Sync calendar resources into Teqtivity’s locations to build your conference rooms and offices.
  • Monitor your ChromeOS devices by syncing asset details from the Chromebook MDM.

Teqtivity’s reporting keeps you updated on any discrepancy between your Google workspace and Teqtivity. You can see if assets are not created, assigned to the wrong person, or not being utilized. Teqtivity automation allows assets to get created and assigned when enrolled into Chromebook MDM.

Google Workspace

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Manage and review the devices on your network. Ensure devices are online, connected to the network and installed in the correct locations.

Import your employee data from HiBob directly into Teqtivity.