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  • How to Keep Your Team Motivated In the Midst of Pandemic

The fight against the coronavirus continues, but businesses have to persist despite this massive hurdle. Everyone, including your workforce, may be concerned with their health, safety, and financial status caused by the pandemic.

Business owners need to increase their support for a new system that allows their team to function and thrive remotely. Creating an efficient IT asset management system and infrastructure that successfully connects teams members involves:

  • addressing new cybersecurity concerns,
  • innovating the delivery of IT infrastructure, and
  • developing services to control costs and support the business as it rebuilds post-crisis.

For team leaders, this crisis presents both an opportunity and a challenge to motivate their members and create a productive and comfortable working environment. These five practices can help the team motivated and focused at work:

Optimize the Communication Process

One-on-one communication and team meetings are required to maintain a constant flow of information. When conducting a meeting, prepare beforehand, and consider the purpose, roles for each member, expected outcome, and deliverables. Essentially, everyone in the team should know what they need to contribute during each meeting.

For the team to function optimally, leaders also need to streamline the communication process. For instance, one can:

  • Create a universal channel where members can quickly and easily contact each other.
  • Establish a policy on which channels to use for each specific case.
  • Use communication tools that automatically relay crucial information to different members.

Encourage Openness and Honesty

When employees are too afraid to relay their honest thoughts to their boss, it simply means that a toxic dynamic is at play. And this dynamic has no place in a functioning work environment. Make it a point to inhibit a positive and amiable attitude to encourage your team to come to you if they have a problem.

Check-in on your workforce regularly, both one-on-one and together with the rest of the team. Ask for an update and any issues they might need help with. Keep these check-ins prompt and to the point to prevent disrupting their work.

With that said, the most impactful way leaders can encourage honest dialogues is to remain active, visible, and accessible on their team’s internal communication channels.

Streamline Your Asset Management

Regardless of whether a company uses a remote or in-house workforce, both can benefit from the best IT asset management solutions. Use IT Asset Management (ITAM) to accurately follow each asset (both physical and virtual.) Through this, workers can easily find the tools they need for their tasks.

Consider utilizing a smart asset management system like Teqtivity to automate your asset management process. Using similar tools and software will help save time and increase workforce productivity. Asset management software can:

  • provide real-time information for every asset used by the company
  • track assets and ensure the assigned team member is using them
  • effectively reduce spending by optimizing resource management

Foster an Environment that Promotes Creativity

In the right environment, people can thrive in the face of adversity. For instance, Sir Isaac Newton was able to formulate the gravitational theory and invent calculus during the Bubonic plaque of 1665. Following the first two strategies (optimizing communication and encouraging openness) is a good step towards creating such an environment.

Working through a crisis often leads to innovation. By presenting us with unique (and often harrowing) conditions, we are forced to present a solution in order to adapt and survive. Leaders need to encourage sharing thoughts and ideas during group discussions.

Prepare for the Future

As leaders begin to establish new protocols and structures to manage the daily workflow smoothly, they should also plan for the next steps. IT infrastructure and technology remain a growing necessity that every business needs to thrive. Through these resources, teams large and small, can navigate their way through this pandemic much more smoothly.

Adding on to the previous strategy, a crisis also creates new opportunities for a company to stand out. It’s up to the leader to energize and motivate their team to look for creative solutions that can solve both present and potential problems that may arise. By keeping the workforce motivated and providing the right support, many will quickly cope with the new challenges brought by the current pandemic and rise to the occasion.

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