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  • 8 Things to Consider In Securing Asset Management

The mismanagement of resources will always be a company’s biggest downfall. The best solution is to implement a smart asset management system that streamlines the organizational process and makes it more effective. Both the workforce and the business can benefit from such a system.

Fortunately, we now have modern tools at our disposal that utilize effective management. Certain software provides fast and accurate resource tracking to maximize the use of all company assets. On top of this, some lockers are fully-integrated with said software to help businesses ensure the safety of their expensive physical assets.

With the rising need for pricey IT resources like laptops, phones, and tablets, a smart inventory management system becomes a necessity. To help you find the right tool for your business, here are some things you need to consider:

Tracking Capabilities

Management tools often have an asset tracking solution to provide data on where resources are. For lockers connected to asset management software, the system keeps a record of who accessed what and how long they used it. Managers of the asset tracking system can easily monitor this data to track resources in real-time.

Data Generation

With the data provided by the system, management software allows its users to produce useful reports that can help improve the process. By using this information, companies can also accurately track the lifecycle of each asset to ensure that they are utilized to the fullest. This process can also help make financial auditing more effective.


Some smart inventory tools are more expensive than others. Companies need to decide what features can improve their management structure and which ones they can go without. Do they require a cloud-based system that provides real-time updates? How many storage units do they need?

Some business owners still refuse to make the switch to smart software and still rely on manual management because of the added cost. What they probably don’t know is that the amount you save through effective management far exceeds the price of using modern tools.


Asset management systems feature different levels of access to its users. This function ensures that the right person uses the right asset. Managers of the system can easily assign resources to the people who need them and provide the time allotted for their use.

Systems that make use of lockers, special measures are placed to keep assets safe. For instance, Teqtivity lets its users pick among various identification methods like PIN codes, and proximity cards.

User Size

This criterion is especially important for businesses considering the use of smart lockers. If the budget allows, it’s best to consider the future and choose a storage system with a bit more modules than necessary. If not, getting an easily expandable management system is in your best interest. Which brings us to the next important feature.


Businesses that prepare for the future will excel above the rest. Easily upgradable management systems can save companies a lot of time and money when they need to expand. By considering scalability, the general routine of the system’s users won’t be disrupted in the future.

Companies can easily add more locker modules or cabinets to keep up with their growing workforce. They also need to make sure that their software can easily handle the addition of more users and maintain their efficiency.

Asset Maintenance

An IT asset management system (ITAM) needs to have the necessary tools that help its users maintain their IT assets properly. For instance, companies that are still using outdated security software risk getting their system hacked. Through effective asset lifecycle management, managers can easily keep each IT asset up-to-date.


And lastly, what’s the point of implementing an expensive management tool if it’s hard to use? Companies should consider getting a smart asset management system that the workforce can easily use and integrate into their daily routine.

On a similar note, managers can benefit from a tool where data is represented clearly and concisely. This way, producing reports becomes a simpler yet more effective process.

The systems that use lockers need to have a straightforward way of procuring and returning assets. Some management software can even send notifications when users don’t bring back assets on time.