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  • 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Smart Locker

Storing and organizing office data does not have to be a nasty piece of work. When it comes to securing large files and managing business overflows, smart lockers offer the best storage system. They are integrated with automated technology that allows users to remotely secure and manage data electronically.

A smart locker’s flexibility and efficiency make it one of the most important investments both in small and large businesses in this day and age. And if you are having a second thought about purchasing one, here are the five reasons why you should:

1. They Minimize Labor Cost

Contrary to the traditional security lockers that require additional manual operations, smart lockers provide better IT management systems that automate logging-ins and signing-outs, compiling of usage logs for internal reporting, and managing regulatory compliance.

This special feature significantly minimizes the labor cost of the employees allowing them to use their time for other productive works without putting the security system at stake.

2. Smart Lockers Improve Operations 

Aside from their ability to reduce manual labor, smart lockers boast their fast and efficient quality of equipment distribution. For instance, their built-in radio-frequency identification scanner automatically verifies several returns of tagged items that are locked inside a hard case. This process only takes seconds rather than minutes.

And because smart lockers operate through a large-scale network, they can easily take part in both the maintenance and repair of the system. The users can view the checklist via the locker access terminal when they sign in or sign out to see if everything is working perfectly. In case of technical problems, the system prompts the user to deposit the device in a maintenance locker while it notifies the technical support team.

The best thing about smart lockers is that they can be accessed remotely. So supervisors can address urgent issues even if they are off-site by using their authorized phones or tablets.

3. They Encourage Accountability Among Teams

Since a smart locker system requires everyone to attach their names to a project, team members are more driven to make an extra effort when it comes to handling assets. This is how exactly Teqtivity smartlocker works with regards to the asset tracking system.

Teams are more likely to return an asset in good condition if it was checked out to their names rather than equipment are randomly picked from a locker. Smart lockers even have a dual-authentication feature to encourage further accountability.

4. They Minimize Asset Loss

The fact that all transactions made in the storage system are 100% automated greatly reduces human error risk. Since assets are being attached to a user’s name, the supervisors will always have access to the names of the individuals who procured the equipment at any given time. They can also assign the duration of time any equipment is allowed outside the storage system. Users will receive a text message or email notification once the equipment is overdue.

With its built-in content surveillance system, smart lockers can automatically tell if the right device has been returned.

5. They Are Always Ready 

Smart locker systems are designed especially for highly busy workplaces where emergency often arises. One of the many concerns of novice users is the availability of smart lockers in times of power outages. Well, the smart locker system is equipped with a backup battery that will keep it functioning without electrical power.

In case of network failure, the system continues to function as it had prior to the electrical disturbance. When the network is restored, the stored data during the interruption will be returned to the management software.

Smart lockers also have emergency release backup that users can prompt using authorized computers or mobile phones when law enforcement is warranted. This is especially helpful when the organization is in need of rapid response in times of emergency.


A business organization does not only need efficient and dedicated workers for it to become successful, it also needs to invest in modern technology to achieve organizational excellence. Security lockers offer a range of advantages that simplify the hard tasks and make office work an exciting experience. They are user-friendly and can take care of laborious tasks that come with asset management. In this age of information, automation is the name of the game and smart lockers are here to stay.
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