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  • 5 ITAM Reports Any IT Department Can Benefit From in 2024

Accessing insightful reports is crucial for effective decision-making, resource optimization, and maintaining a streamlined IT infrastructure. Teqtivity, a leading IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution provider, offers custom and pre-built reports to help small businesses make better decisions when it comes to their IT assets. This blog will discuss five essential reports that can benefit any IT department, ensuring optimal asset management and streamlined processes for 2024.

5 Essential ITAM Reports For Small Businesses

1. User Reports Enhance Endpoint Management

The integration of Teqtivity’s ITAM tool with user reports is a game-changer for IT departments. This combination ensures assets are not only in the correct locations but are also actively used by the assigned employees. IT departments can monitor asset assignments, track returns, and address potential issues while IT administrators gain a comprehensive understanding of asset utilization. User reports help enable small businesses to make informed decisions about resource allocation.

2. Inventory Management Reports Improve Decision-Making

Teqtivity’s reporting feature empowers IT departments with in-depth insights, facilitating better decision-making and processes. Some essential inventory management reports include:

In-Stock Computers: Gain visibility into assets ready for deployment.

Fleet Age: Accurately review the age of all assets within your fleet.

Assigned Assets: Discover which assets are assigned to which users.

Efficient tracking ensures IT teams stay informed about crucial details like warranty status to allow for  proactive planning. With our comprehensive reporting capabilities, IT departments can refine processes, optimize asset management, and make data-driven decisions efficiently.

3. Onboarding Reports Anticipate Requirements

Teqtivity goes a step further in simplifying new hire processes with onboarding reporting capabilities. The ability to generate inventory reports allows IT departments to anticipate device requirements for new employees quickly and accurately. Generating inventory reports enables HR and IT departments to have a clear understanding of the assets needed for onboarding and organizations can streamline the provisioning process, ensuring that new employees have the necessary assets from day one.

4. Offboarding Reports Track Devices

Efficient offboarding is just as critical as onboarding. Teqtivity’s termination reports play a pivotal role in tracking employee departures. By closely monitoring assets assigned to departing employees, IT administrators can ensure the timely retrieval of these assets. This not only safeguards sensitive data but also facilitates the efficient redistribution of assets within the organization.

5. Custom Reporting Tailored to Your Business Needs

Teqtivity’s ITAM tool allows users to create unlimited custom reports tailored to specific business needs. Whether it’s generating reports based on user and location attributes or integrating seamlessly with third-party tools, Teqtivity’s custom reporting ensures flexibility and adaptability. This feature empowers organizations to extract precise insights relevant to their operations, making IT asset management even more effective.

With Teqtivity, you’re also able to schedule recurring reports based on your business needs, export data easily, and integrate internal systems to make asset data accessible for everyone.

Teqtivity’s ITAM Reporting Features

Teqtivity provides real-time data on assets across the organization. Our reporting capabilities enable IT departments to plan strategically for the future. Whether it’s IT budgeting for 2024, analyzing upgrade cycles, or determining refurbishment needs based on asset data, Teqtivity’s reports provide valuable insights to drive informed decisions. Leveraging these reports can help organizations enhance their IT infrastructure, improve resource allocation, and stay ahead of the curve in 2024. Let’s get started: https://www.teqtivity.com/get-started/