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  • 4 Ways Smart Lockers Can Improve Mailroom Management

The United States Postal Service (USPS) processes and delivers 429.9 million mail pieces and 24.1 million packages each day. Most of them go to the workplace mailroom. This office section carries the vital responsibility of receiving, sorting and processing the stuff that comes in and the outgoing mail and parcels.

Mailroom staff usually encounter challenges like where to put all the boxes, when space runs out, or what happens to the packages when employees don’t pick them up right away. Sadly, an organization’s mailroom service isn’t exactly the priority for workplace improvements. Yet, everyone relies on the mailroom for workplace operations.

For that reason, companies need proper mailroom management if they want to improve workplace productivity. You don’t want an employee dropping their more important tasks just to send out multiple packages. Mailroom management starts at the workplace, not with the USPS, and one way to target your organization’s mailroom needs is to invest in a smart lockers system.

This article will look at the four ways smart lockers with cloud-based smart asset management can transform your workplace mailroom service.

1. Automate The Process

The smart asset vending system that comes together with smart lockers can serve as a mailroom management software that simplifies a lot of the laborious work involved in mailroom management, such as sorting packages and tracking them, and notifying and reminding employees about the deliveries.

If your organization regularly receives a high volume of mail and parcels, this benefit becomes highly invaluable. The ssset tracking system tracks incoming and outgoing mail and features the capability to send out notifications to the intended recipient, so they’ll immediately know when the package is ready—making for a quicker pickup.

The smart asset management system can also track the lifecycle of each parcel or mail, so you’ll know where it is until you receive it.

With an automated process, mailroom staff will have more time to offer additional services for employees like package preparation for outgoing parcels.

2. Save Space And Avoid Clutter

Almost all businesses process a lot of mail, and most of the time, the mailroom gets overwhelmed by the amount of volume that pours in and goes out. The result? You’ll end up with a pile of boxes cluttered in your lobby, which is not the impression you want to make about your company.

Smart lockers with smart inventory management solve that problem by providing a designated spot to hold both the incoming and outgoing mail or parcel. Mailroom staff can assign a specific set of lockers for everyone to put outgoing mail or packages. Without this designated space, employees keep mail and boxes on their desks longer than they should. This then can lead to a host of other problems like misplacement or delay.

The set of lockers that are designated for receiving purposes can run themselves without staff intervention. Even when it takes days for an employee to pick up a package, the package or mail is stored safely until it can be retrieved with a personal unlock code that the system sent out with the notification.

3. Help Mailroom Staff Plan For High Volume Seasons

We all know that the holiday season comes with an avalanche of packages. The USPS estimates that they delivered 16 billion pieces of mail and parcels during the holiday season of 2019. With online shopping becoming even more prevalent, expect those numbers to rise every year. The holidays are the time of the year that can throw the mailroom into chaos, breaking mailroom service staff who are unprepared to deal with the high volume of packages.

The data compiled by the asset tracking solution into comprehensive reports can help mailroom staff identify the problems and inefficiencies that could throw a wrench on the department’s timely and smooth operations. Having this awareness allows the team to adjust the work schedule and plan to hire seasonal employees before the high volume season comes around the corner.

Moving forward, the staff can then look for ways to organize the mailroom services department better so that nothing ever gets misplaced and that they have ample space to move around, sort, and deliver both work and personal parcels in a more efficient manner.

4. Improve Security

Smart lockers make many things easier when it comes to streamlining the mailroom management process. However, there is another crucial feature that supersedes all the primary benefits: security.

According to the 2019 security.org survey, nearly 4 out of 10 Americans suffered from package theft, and that is a concerning amount of missing important mail and deliveries. Smart lockers eliminate the stolen packages and missed deliveries problem with the asset tagging feature.

Employees no longer have to worry about tracking the delivery time of a package because when it arrives in the mailroom, rest assured, their mail, packages, or online orders will remain safe and secure in the locker until they retrieve them.


A smart locker system with smart enterprise asset management, like Teqtivity, can provide many ways to improve your organization’s mailroom management process. As long as everyone willingly adapts to the new system, everything will run smoothly. The benefits outlined in this article will help result in an enhanced employee experience as the electronic lockers combined with a cloud-based asset management system like Teqtivity can make it easy and convenient for them to retrieve their packages.

With a modernized and secure package management system, your organization will never have to deal with messy and inefficient mailrooms and disgruntled employees ever again.
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