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  • 4 Incredible Things Smart Lockers Can Do

In traditional locker management, you issue keys to employees, then record who has what keyson a paper tracking system or a spreadsheet. It may seem at first that this traditional way of managing lockers is cost-efficient and effective. The truth is, this method is time-consuming and doesn’t have a way to keep records organized, prevent theft, nor hold staff accountable. And the hidden costs associated with these issues could make you end up spending more than the upfront costs of acquiring smart lockers like Teqtivity.

Moreover, when keys get lost, you’re forced to spend on key or lock replacement – both on labor and equipment. These additional costs could quickly add up, and that’s on top of the extra person-hours your staff will have to put in for simply managing lockers.

As a business, mainly if you belong in the tech industry or shipping/fulfillment, your locker management should allow your organization to become more productive while saving costs at the same time. Here are four impressive capabilities of smart lockers that can help you do just that:

1. Cloud-Based Real-Time Recording

With the administrator portal, you can manage and track the assets, users, and lockers themselves. The (ITAM) IT Management System system made this possible by drawing from several live data points such as what is stored in the locker, who has accessed the equipment (sign in or sign out), who is allowed to access the locker and the equipment, and at what times.

With a click of a mouse, you’ll know that the laptop stored in Locker A has been checked out to Employee B.

The ability to keep these different data points also helps you create an audit trail for your assets, therefore increasing your staff’s accountability, helping you significantly reduce losses, and maintain the upkeep of your lockers and the equipment stored in them.

2. Customized Reporting

Once your smart enterprise asset management system has gathered enough data, you can create customized reports that give you a quick overview of your daily operations, so your staff can keep track of the movement of assets – where they are and when they need to be returned.

Moreover, you can automatically schedule your asset tracking system to send out reports to the appropriate personnel via email. This further improves productivity by automating these simple but necessary administrative tasks.

3. Several Authentication Methods For Security

A smart asset management system allows users to use available assets for a specific amount of time. They can also check the item back into the lockers after use. All of these done with a simple check in check out, and authentication

In the case of employee turnover, there’s no need to rekey a lock. The asset manager can deactivate the former employee’s access to the locker. Employees have full access to all smart lockers. So when an employee decides to go AWOL, there’s no need to cut the locks open on that particular employee’s locker, saving you time and money.

This easy deactivation also applies to lost keys. Say you utilize keycards as authentication for your smart locker system, and one of your employees loses the keycard, you can then deactivate the old one and assign a new keycard.

You can also use other authentication methods such as passcodes or fingerprints to make lockers accessible without the need for badges or any physical key. This method, however, isn’t suitable while the world is still suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. You’d want to reduce touchpoints as much as possible.

4. Reservations And Will-Call

Either your asset manager assigns assets to specific users, or the users themselves can reserve a particular equipment/device which they can pick up at a designated time. This significantly reduces waiting time, especially those related to IT support issues.

Moreover, the devices can come out of the lockers ready for work, even after long-term storage. This is possible because of the integrated power source that comes with each networked smart locker. You no longer have to wait while the device charges before you can use it.


With all of the incredible capabilities of smart lockers listed above, it is clear that utilizing an asset tracking solution such as Teqtivity directly impacts your bottom line – coming from increased productivity and cost-savings. If your organization still uses traditional lockers to store assets, it may be time to get a quote on the best IT asset management solutions.

Contact us today, and see how much money you can save by having a better-managed hardware asset management system.