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  • 3 Reasons Why Smart Lockers Are Perfect For Government and Military Use

Government agencies have a mandate to serve the people. The same applies to the military. And success in providing the best service to the country’s citizens requires a unique approach that relies on creating a functional and secure storage solution.

Because of the important people and sensitive, high-value items and documents in government and military facilities, like embassies, consulates, and military bases, they are the best-protected establishments in terms of physical security.

For such highly secured institutions, high valued assets and documents need to be tracked, protected, and maintained at all times. And standard storage lockers won’t cut it. Mechanical locks get broken into very easily, and keys often get lost.

Smart lockers with asset lifecycle management are perfect solutions that address the detailed requirements of government agencies and military organizations. These lockers are integrated with modern technology, offering many benefits such as the following:

Better Technical Support

Providing technical support services to government and military personnel is key to their operations. At some point, staff will need immediate technical support for their electronic devices. Sometimes, the technical issues turn out to be hardware-related. For situations like these, remote support is out of the question.

IT asset tracking solution like Teqtivity allows support staff to provide immediate comprehensive support for agency staff’s computers, mobile phones, or tablets. The defective device just needs to be placed in a locker designated for repair work. Once the item has been deposited, tech support will be notified immediately that a device needs repair.

This might seem counterintuitive. In reality, this method expedites the entire tech support process. With smart locker technology, remote technicians can give access to the on-site staff to a locker that stores an available working device. This process cuts downtime, allowing government or military personnel to get back to work faster. There’s no more need to wait for devices to be shipped and no need for technicians to be physically present either.

Increased Efficiency and Security

In a military establishment, gear and equipment go in and out frequently because facilities and personnel are always on the move. The same goes for government agencies that move documents parcels on a regular basis. This constant movement of assets can be prone to losses, misplacement, or even theft.

A smart locker system’s IT asset tracking solution solves this challenge on multiple levels. First, administrators can limit locker access to authorized users only, either with a PIN code, password, RFID proximity cards, or even biometrics. They can also change these access credentials with a single click—no more changing locks or breaking into compartments.

Second, RFID device tracking technology allows administrators to trace critical movements of the asset by time, date, or a specific user code. This technology also lets property custodians or administrators see which compartments are occupied and how long the items have been stored.

Lastly, having on-site unit replacements for defective electronic devices controls the risks of loss because the exchanges are done where the smart locker is located and software controlled. Staff members can retrieve and return items to the lockers more quickly and safely, knowing that these assets are protected with the highest level of security – no need to use log books or forms.

Reduced Costs

Cost savings can be felt in the maintenance process itself. Without the aid of smart lockers, issuing and exchanging devices poses risks not only on inventory loss but important data as well in some cases. That’s not even counting the loss of time in urgent situations. This can be an expensive process when it doesn’t have to be.

Smart lockers like Teqube can immediately handle the needs of on-site staff without any processing delays, delivery costs, or the risk of staff keeping multiple devices. Moreover, there’s no more need to designate a staff member to manage the smart locker because every unit is self-operated. With this, government and military organizations can better manage assets with greater efficiency and at a lower cost to boot.


With a smart locker, and its smart asset vending system, federal agencies and military organizations can maximize their efficiency while adhering to CDC COVID-19 guidelines.

On-site staff will have quick access to secure supplies, documents, or weapons and equipment for military personnel. The electronic screen displaying user-friendly instructions makes the deposit and retrieval of items easier.

Smart lockers with an asset tracking system allow asset management staff to handle their agencies’ massive needs. A system like this efficiently streamlines the process, resulting in better staff and even community experience, on top of increased savings.