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  • 3 Industries That Will Benefit The Most From A Smart Locker

Asset management directly impacts everything. Not just the bottom line and growth of an organization, but its integrity and competence as well, especially for sectors like law enforcement, an industry that needs to manage and keep crucial assets safe. These assets may be expensive equipment required for industry operations, or they may contain sensitive information.

An IT asset management system that uses smart lockers like Teqtivity is proven to effectively provide an accurate solution to an organization’s struggles in controlling and overseeing resources, equipment, tools, and other asset types.

We have talked about the benefits of asset management in healthcare and education. But allow us to explore three more industries that can find value using smart lockers as part of their asset management system.

IT and Telecommunication

The biggest user of IT equipment, this industry is heavily reliant on IT equipment for daily operations, and some for customer consumption like phones, routers, and other devices.

A big part of this sector’s operational expenses comes from purchasing, maintaining, and managing IT assets. Without proper asset management, companies could suffer from significant losses. According to analysts, failures resulting from poor IT asset management can increase costs by up to 10% per user.

An IT asset management solution (ITAM) like Teqtivity can erase the risks that can arise from poor asset management by providing a central collection point for all data on hardware and software assets and any other inventory categorized under “IT equipment.” These assets range from computers, apparatus, applications, and networking devices.

Integrated with other platforms to further streamline the tracking process, the best IT asset management solutions can enable IT, managers to monitor even a million pieces of IT assets anytime and anywhere. With the organized essential data the asset tracking system collected, they can make reports and create a highly effective preventive maintenance system. The person responsible will be able to troubleshoot and resolve any issue swiftly and smoothly before it can turn into more significant problems.

Media, News, And Entertainment

Any media company, be it news outlets or production houses, have a ton of IT assets at their disposal. These can range from laptops, cameras, printers, software like photos, and video editing tools. Imagine having to track and manage all of those items manually. A number of those are bound to disappear into the void at some point.

This is one sector that uses IT assets at a high pace due to the nature of its operations. Because of this, their IT assets need to keep, or they risk losing to their competition. Take a journalist, for example. If their laptop suddenly crashes because of lack of maintenance, this prevents them from being the first to break a relevant story.

IT asset management solutions solve all of the poor IT management issues in this sector by tracking equipment in real-time. This makes it easier for maintenance staff to keep all of a media company’s IT assets in top working condition and is ready for the next job like a news report, client presentation, or ad campaign.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement personnel badly need a more efficient means of managing assets of high importance and value that they come across during operations. These assets could refer to pieces of sensitive evidence or personnel firearms and their IT equipment that likely contain crucial and confidential information.

Losing any of these critical assets could be devastating to a department, especially if some of the missing assets are pieces of evidence linked to dangerous criminals. Misplaced evidence can cripple an ongoing criminal investigation, and the department would then have to deal with lawsuits and fines, not to mention the massive blow to their reputation. The same goes for IT equipment that contains critical information accumulated over some time.

Having a smart asset and inventory management system in place means that any evidence or IT asset is securely stored, tagged, and tracked. No more risk of misplacing assets and no more manual asset management.


These are just some of the sectors that have more to gain from smart enterprise asset management. Recently, many industries are considering adopting asset tracking solutions to improve their logistics, warehousing, and day-to-day operations.

The flexible nature of a smart asset management system makes its deployment easy and practical across every industry that uses various equipment and maintains an inventory of all its assets, whether for personnel use or customers.If you belong to any of the industries listed above, or if you realized that your business could use some of the benefits of hardware asset management, it might be time to consider investing in an IT asset tracking solution with smart lockers. Contact us today.