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  • 10 Essential Questions to Ask Your IT Asset Management Provider

Are you thinking about implementing IT asset management strategies in your organization? Effective IT asset management practices are crucial for companies of all sizes, especially as they move toward hybrid or remote environments for work. ITAM tools are significant in tracking, managing, and optimizing a business’s IT assets, wherever and whenever.

However, selecting the right ITAM tool for your company’s needs can be a daunting process, and asking the right questions when evaluating a potential IT asset management software is essential. Let’s explore ten crucial questions you should ask of your ITAM solution to make an informed choice about what will work best for your operations.

10 Questions to Ask an IT Asset Management Software Provider

Question 1: What features does your IT asset management tool offer?

Teqtivity’s features cater to the diverse needs of businesses seeking to optimize their IT asset management services. Our ITAM software allows organizations to monitor, track, and pull reports on assets from procurement through disposal. It helps businesses get control of their IT assets and improve cost savings. Our ITAM software includes features like lifecycle management, inventory management, onboarding and offboarding, dashboards and reporting, and compliance and security.

Question 2: Can your ITAM tool integrate with existing systems?

Yes! Teqtivity’s ITAM tool enhances workflows and streamlines how you manage your IT assets. By integrating with your existing products and service desk apps, our ITAM improves reporting procedures, ensuring you have the data you need when needed.

Question 3: How does your ITAM tool handle inventory management?

Inventory management can be complex, especially when dealing with IT assets across multiple locations. Our ITAM tool offers a user-friendly dashboard that displays the status of your assets and a complete list of all asset inventory in a single area. Find shipping details on new assets, asset lifecycle information, and real-time insights that help save you time and resources.

Question 4: Can your ITAM tool generate necessary reports?

Absolutely. Teqtivity can generate comprehensive reports through several pre-built reports and report generators. We offer unlimited reporting capabilities for your company, enabling administrators to make informed decisions regarding organizational assets. Additionally, the tool supports regular audits to ensure accuracy and relevance in the generated reports.

Question 5: What security measures are in place to protect sensitive data?

We prioritize the security of sensitive data to safeguard your valuable asset information. Our software involves high-tech security measures, including data encryption, protected confidentiality and integrity of your asset history, legal hold status, warranty information, and more. We implement data backup procedures to prevent loss and maintain uninterrupted access to critical information. With complete visibility and control, you can trust in the security of your data.

Question 6: How do your IT asset management services enhance asset visibility?

Teqtivity significantly enhances asset visibility through various features. With augmented asset assignments and well-defined workflow rules, misunderstandings are minimized, and the need for asset replacements is reduced, ensuring accurate and efficient asset tracking. Our ITAM tools also allow integration with IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) providers, ensuring that your current asset disposal policies are maintained and adhered to, further enhancing visibility and control over the entire asset lifecycle.

Question 7: In what ways do your IT asset management tools simplify the employee onboarding and offboarding process?

About 10-30% of a business’s assets are ghost or zombie (assets that are either no longer physically present or are underutilized) due to a lack of inventory management. Teqtivity strives to simplify the onboarding and offboarding process by improving communication between HR and IT departments. When onboarding, easily view inventory, assign assets, track assets, and manage hardware kits. When offboarding, review termination reports, find a list of assets that need to be returned by the employee, customize workflows, and integrate with apps like Retriever to track the asset collection process.

Question 8: How do you know if your ITAM tools generate success?

You can determine the success of your ITAM tools by whether your organization is experiencing enhanced visibility that results in better asset control, reduced operational IT costs, minimized downtime, lower risk mitigation, and the presence of report capabilities that provide actionable insights for your team. These success outcomes indicate the effectiveness of ITAM tools in optimizing asset management, cost efficiency, and overall operational performance.

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Question 9: What MDM solutions do you integrate with?

Teqtivity integrates with Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to efficiently manage and control the settings, configurations, and security of mobile devices within the organization.

Jamf: Teqtivity pulls device information from Jamf to populate Apple device information, create reports, automate workflows, and more.

Kandji: Track and maintain accurate records of your Apple devices, allowing you to stay informed about discrepancies, review uncreated devices, monitor underutilized assets, and more.

42Gears: MDM integration solution for worry-free device security and maintenance while simplifying device management and monitoring with automated reporting.

MobileIron: Track your company’s mobile endpoints easily with Teqtivity’s MDM solution, MobileIron integration.

Intune: Integrate Teqtivity with Microsoft Intune to effortlessly manage all your Windows devices worldwide.

Google Workspace: Teqtivity integrates to streamline asset management, utilize single sign-on for data security, sync calendar resources to set up conference rooms and offices, monitor ChromeOS devices through the Chromebook MDM, and receive automated reports on asset status and utilization discrepancies.

Question 10: How does your Modular Smart Locker help optimize businesses?

Teqtivity provides a customizable and secure solution for managing assets and inventory, whether assigned to individuals, locations, or moving in bulk. The modular design allows companies to adjust locker configurations as needed, ensuring long-term scalability. The cloud-based management system enables remote access and control, while the integrated power source ensures devices are charged and ready for use immediately. The Teqtivity Administrator Controls also provide comprehensive tracking, reporting, and compliance features, simplifying asset management and enhancing overall business efficiency.

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