The fight against the coronavirus continues, but businesses have to persist despite this massive hurdle. Everyone, including your workforce, may be concerned with their health, safety, and financial status caused by the pandemic. Business owners need to increase their support for a new system that allows their team to function and thrive remotely. Creating an […]

Asset management is an inherent necessity for every business. Without it, the performance and efficiency of the company will suffer, leading to a waste of resources. To put it simply, the better you manage your assets, the more money saved. As businesses get bigger, manually tracking assets becomes less and less feasible. For this reason, […]

The present global economic decline is opening the eyes of many businesses to one crucial fact: asset management can make or break a company. And contrary to popular belief, it is more than just counting inventory and typing it in a spreadsheet. This essential cog in the system not only helps companies keep afloat even […]

The pandemic isn’t going away any time soon, and it’s time for businesses to take a step back and reorganize. With almost every industry suffering from huge losses each day, many are now looking for potential solutions. Businesses are now relying on a mostly remote workforce and an on-site skeleton crew to manage day-to-day operations. With […]

The mismanagement of resources will always be a company’s biggest downfall. The best solution is to implement a smart asset management system that streamlines the organizational process and makes it more effective. Both the workforce and the business can benefit from such a system. Fortunately, we now have modern tools at our disposal that utilize […]

Without a proper asset management system in place, companies experience several issues, including: Ghost and Zombie Assets When a company’s resources are not diligently tracked, ghost and zombie assets begin to surface. Both of these issues need prompt action because they waste time and money. Common problems caused by these assets include higher tax liabilities […]

Aside from people, which are arguably the most useful resource of any company, IT assets are almost just as important. Diligently tracking each one solves numerous industry-related challenges and provides a streamlined system that allows companies to become more efficient. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few IT asset tracking solution tips that every […]

With a full-blown pandemic on our hands, the educators and trainers have to adapt and make the switch to remote blended learning. Unlike your traditional classroom environment, this method of learning involves the use of digital platforms as the medium between the teacher and their students. Educators can use online assessments, video conferencing tools, and […]

IT assets continue to drive the establishments of many businesses and entrepreneurs upward. As with any good thing, however, there is a downside to adopting this technology. Modern marvels like cloud computing, smartphones, and laptops have a potential for security breaches. Fortunately, a little bit of preparation makes these issues less threatening. The eight steps […]

Fixed assets are important investments of an organization. Eventually, as the business grows, the number of fixed assets grows as well, and this growth comes with a lot of tracking challenges, which increase costs to an organization by up to 10% per user. That being said, there is a way to make asset tracking easier even […]

Small businesses need technology to give them a chance to level the playing field and compete with the big guys. Fortunately, businesses of all sizes have access to the same technology which they can use to boost productivity and sales. Here are three must-have tools that small teams can integrate into their day to day […]

Inadequate skills or lack of experience inhibits an employee’s ability to perform successfully at their job. Unclear direction about responsibilities and expectations for achievement contribute to poor performance, risking staff conflict, and unproductivity in the workplace. More often than not, a small tweak in a company’s operating procedure can do wonders in team performance. And […]