Small businesses need technology to give them a chance to level the playing field and compete with the big guys. Fortunately, businesses of all sizes have access to the same technology which they can use to boost productivity and sales. Here are three must-have tools that small teams can integrate into their day to day […]

Inadequate skills or lack of experience inhibits an employee’s ability to perform successfully at their job. Unclear direction about responsibilities and expectations for achievement contribute to poor performance, risking staff conflict, and unproductivity in the workplace. More often than not, a small tweak in a company’s operating procedure can do wonders in team performance. And […]

In traditional locker management, you issue keys to employees, then record who has what keyson a paper tracking system or a spreadsheet. It may seem at first that this traditional way of managing lockers is cost-efficient and effective. The truth is, this method is time-consuming and doesn’t have a way to keep records organized, prevent […]

Long before the pandemic hit, the education sector was already gearing towards the integration of technology into school curriculums. And 2020 only amplified that desire, as the importance of technology in learning became more evident. According to the results of this EdWeek Research Survey, 73% of district leaders and teachers believe that 1-to-1 computing will make […]

Many business owners are shifting to digital in many ways, from hiring remote workers to adapting operations to include more digital transactions. Part of this growing trend to “go digital” is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although many people consider the coronavirus as the driving force behind these workplace improvements, it was only one part […]

Cyber-attack is probably one of the worst nightmares of a modern organization. And unsurprisingly so as data breaches are not only expensive, it’s also difficult to recover from them once the damage has been done. More hackers are attacking US corporations ever since more staff started working from home and this has resulted in vulnerability in networks. […]

Whatever industry and size, any business can benefit from an efficient ITAM (IT Asset Management) system, from a small family business to a multinational corporation. One component of this system is smart lockers, smart technology-driven storage lockers. They are used for securing and controlling reusable company equipment and managing workflows and are integrated with cloud-based software […]

Business models are changing due to numerous factors, making outdated workplaces prone to breaking due to economic conditions’ internal weaknesses. Although economic downturns, like the one brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, have a considerable impact on establishments, it’s not the only visible threat to your business’s success. For this reason, it’s necessary to identify […]

Outsourcing allows businesses of any size to hire a virtual team to help them accomplish specific tasks in the most efficient manner. Business owners can employ talented employees around the world while being cost-effective. Having said that, managing outsourced teams requires effective collaboration so organizations can reap the benefits of outsourcing and get the best […]

Most organizations want and need to be fully aware of all the software and hardware they own. That’s even more true for the insurance industry, as technology is vital to their business systems, supporting nationwide and sometimes even international business operations. Moreover, many insurance companies use technology to gain an edge over the competition, especially […]

Healthcare is yet another industry apart from the IT industry that involves a humongous number of assets. Diagnostic and laboratory equipment, surgical gear, medicines, and even IT assets such as computers and computer-aided machinery form a significant investment in a hospital. A large scale multi-specialty hospital will often find it challenging to manually keep track […]

Asset management directly impacts everything. Not just the bottom line and growth of an organization, but its integrity and competence as well, especially for sectors like law enforcement, an industry that needs to manage and keep crucial assets safe. These assets may be expensive equipment required for industry operations, or they may contain sensitive information. […]