2020 has been one turbulent year. COVID-19 has flipped our work lives and…

Storing and organizing office data does not have to be a nasty piece of work…

Teqube’s Teqtivity is a cloud-based IT asset management system that helps organizations take control of their IT investments by tracking the complete lifecycle of these assets from the point of origin up until their disposal. Integrated seamlessly with other existing systems, Teqtivity can enhance any organization’s workflow.  This article lists six popular systems or applications […]

“Lean” is a philosophy that focuses on delivering value from the customer’s perspective while eliminating waste and continuously improving business processes. The ultimate goal of this methodology is to achieve zero downtime. Many companies adopt the lean philosophy to radically change how they do business to stay ahead of their competition. Though the goals of […]

Smart lockers are technology-based integrated storage systems designed to manage an organization’s assets or inventory. In the context of the retail industry, smart lockers were meant to address the last mile problems of online retailers. Retail businesses like gadget stores want a more efficient and cost-effective alternative way of delivering their products to customers. This […]

Government agencies have a mandate to serve the people. The same applies to the military. And success in providing the best service to the country’s citizens requires a unique approach that relies on creating a functional and secure storage solution. Because of the important people and sensitive, high-value items and documents in government and military […]

Nearly two years since the outbreak of COVID-19, followed by lockdowns and other restrictions that nearly crippled world economies, many businesses are now beginning to see some signs of recovery. As the world tries to return to normal, new business tech trends are popping up here and there. Designed to improve the bottom line and […]

Though the year-end is usually a crazy time for many business owners, it is also the best time to review the year and start planning to hit the ground running when the next one arrives. By then, the only thing left to do is double efforts towards growth. If you want to gear up your […]