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  • 6 Benefits of a Good Smart Locker

When the pandemic struck in 2020, the way organizations work changed forever.  Hybrid workstyles became the norm as several COVID-19 restrictions forced employees to work from home.  Faced with this situation, companies needed an efficient way to store and deploy devices that their employees need for work, like laptops and smartphones.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that flexibility is a must for organizations to be resilient despite a crisis.  Smart lockers became the key to meeting the needs of businesses in a changing landscape of work.  And even as we head into a post-pandemic era, smart lockers are now becoming the standard storage solution for many companies worldwide.

Here are six advantages your organization can benefit from by purchasing a top of the line smart locker system with asset lifecycle management:

Easy Check-In and Check-Out

With just one click, administrators will be able to assign assets to anyone instantly.  Once the asset is assigned, all the employee has to do is pick up the item from the locker.

The same thing applies in the context of an eCommerce business.  The customer places an order; a staff member prepares the item and puts it in a locker, then the customer may pick up the item whenever they want.  There’s no need to wait for a package to arrive and no need for additional staff or clerks to be at the location to process the delivery.

Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind

On top of heavy-duty tamper-proof features, an effective smart locker system with hardware asset management uses different authentication methods via company badges, smartphones, and biometrics.  

They also keep track of every transaction, and their system generates passcodes randomly to prevent unauthorized access.  This ensures that every asset is safe from theft.

Additionally, a highly secure smart locker system like Teqube uses security standard models such as OWASP, ISO 27001, and NIST guidelines.  Regarding safety, an excellent smart locker also meets ADA Compliance requirements and OSHA safety standards.

Devices Ready For Use

High-quality smart lockers with an asset tracking system are equipped with an integrated power source in each compartment (5 Volt USB and 110 Volt AC output for larger devices)

This feature ensures that electronic devices retrieved from the locker are 100 percent ready for work.  There’s no need to wait for the device to charge up after a long time in storage.

These compartments are also equipped with ventilation ports, so that cool air will circulate, keeping devices at normal operating temperatures.

Real-Time Asset Management From Anywhere

With the aid of a smart locker system’s cloud-based IT asset management system like Teqtivity, administrators will be able to track and manage all assets, lockers, and users across their entire organization.  This is even more helpful in a hybrid workplace setup which involves a lot of movement of people and assets.  Smart lockers make these movements frictionless.

IT teams can distribute electronic devices required for work like laptops and other mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  University libraries can lend audio-visual equipment to students without a hitch.  Tracking these valuable assets becomes painless and more manageable.

Streamlined Reporting For Audit and Compliance

Traditional locker systems often require staff to manually keep a log of locker usage in spreadsheets or logbooks.  Both are time-consuming and prone to errors, resulting in inaccurate reports.

On the other hand, smart locker systems with an asset tracking solution can provide real-time reports on locker occupancy and usage.  Administrators will always have a bird’s eye view of how each locker is being used, and by which employee.

With the accurate data, organizations will have quarterly regulatory reports backed by accurate data.  This allows them to make well-informed decisions on how to optimize their resources.  Furthermore, these reports can be automatically scheduled to be emailed to the appropriate person, reducing menial administrative tasks.


As technology changes, good smart locker systems will always be able to adapt.  A modular design for a smart locker system allows companies to adjust locker configurations whenever new assets come in.  Storing devices of various sizes won’t be a problem – from smartphones to larger items like backpacks, desktop towers, and monitors.

These lockers can also be equipped with internal lighting and weight sensors.  Furthermore, companies can also customize the smart lockers’ aesthetics by changing the color to match the business brand and adding eye-catching designs.


Smart lockers are designed to make workplaces more flexible so employees can work however they want with secure storage.  They remove hassles, optimize the use of resources, and adapt quickly to an organization’s ever-changing needs.  All of which result in substantial cost savings over time.

If your company needs to store, track, and manage a massive volume of assets, purchasing a smart locker system like Teqube will help you take advantage of the benefits listed in this article.