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  • 4 Features You Can Enjoy With Teqtivity Asset Management

Asset lifecycle management is transforming many industries with the many benefits they bring, and because of that, more businesses are now embracing this technology in their organizations.

Though the main selling point of a smart locker system is its ability to tag and track a company’s assets, Smart locker systems with a cloud-based asset tracking system can do a lot more.

Here are four features of the Teqtivity smart asset management system that your organization can benefit from immediately.

Real-Time Asset Tracking And Management

A smart locker system with smart asset management uses asset tags as the primary tracking tools.  These tags are then attached or embedded into any piece of equipment.  The wireless technology (RFID) these tags use to communicate with the system allows administrators to monitor company assets, especially the expensive ones like industrial equipment or digital devices such as laptops and smartphones.

Whenever a user checks in or out a company asset, for example, a laptop, the sensors of the smart locker compartment will read the tags on the asset.  Additionally, you can place several sensors throughout your establishment to collect even more detailed location and usage data.

With this feature, you’ll be able to make any piece of company equipment location-aware.  You then enable these assets to deliver information about their geographical location, which allows the administrator to execute tasks.  These tasks include retrieving information about the said asset, assigning an asset to a specific employee, or even requesting asset returns immediately.  Simply put, this feature helps you know where your assets are and who’s in charge of them.

Aside from assets, you’ll also be able to keep tabs on consumables like toners, ink cartridges, and smaller accessory items such as keyboards, mice, cables, and power adapters.

Another more specialized feature under asset tracking is the ability to manage mobile numbers.  With this asset tracking solution, administrators can deploy contact numbers to company phones.

Reliable And Customizable Reporting

An excellent smart asset vending system provides administrators with real-time data on all assets across the entire organization.  You’ll be able to pull up unlimited reports on assets in multiple locations on a national and global level.  

Using preset report templates, you can view your assets’ number, type, condition, and every available attribute based on user and location.  Depending on your organization’s specific needs, you can also schedule these reports to be generated automatically and regularly.  These reports can then be easily exported in CSV format and shared or kept in record.  

With asset data so accurate and up to date, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions regarding maintenance, budget, and spending.  Your asset management staff will also know what to do with inventory and assets ahead of time, like assigning, offboarding, or refurbishing.

Timely Notifications

Smart enterprise asset management enables personnel to act accordingly and quickly on the status of assets.  For example, suppose a user reports upon checking in that the laptop they were using has been crashing.  In that case, this triggers an email or ticket alert notifying the IT team and administrators that the laptop needs maintenance. 

The IT asset management system can also notify administrators on lease renewal dates of certain assets.  This ensures that users return assets on time.  Additionally, asset managers will also receive purchase notifications on accessories and consumables, giving them plenty of lead time to make purchases beforehand.

Integrated with Slack, Teqtivity can push these important notifications to update channels, and specific threads, ensuring every key personnel is informed regarding relevant asset activity, so they’ll know which actions to take next.

Robust Access Control And Security

Smart asset and inventory management don’t end with tagging, tracking, and managing assets.  You also want them to secure your assets.  Teqtivity’s administrative settings enable administrators to create multiple access levels to the system.  Technical support teams will be given permissions based only on the functions they need.  This reduces the vulnerability and errors in managing assets.  

Moreover, industry-standard implementation and automated controls ensure that your data is safe and secure, including data transfers protected with 256-Bit Encryption, the highest level of security.  And because Teqtivity is hosted on the AWS cloud, data availability and backup consistency are also highly secure.


Teqtivity provides all of the features you can expect from a reliable IT asset tracking solution and more.  With the features outlined in this post, you’ll be able to streamline your asset management process, which empowers your teams to be more productive and efficient.  

This then cuts down administrative time and costs related to reporting and tracking assets and inventory, allowing you to control your assets instead of letting them control you.