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  • 3 Ways Smart Lockers Can Improve Your Company’s Mobile Device Management

For many organizations, the Coronavirus pandemic made day-to-day operations more challenging than they already were. With all the social restrictions, labor shortages, and the need for contactless processes, even mobile device distribution wasn’t spared as it struggled to adapt to this new world.

Fortunately, a smart asset management system can help streamline the already outdated manual process of distributing mobile devices and make it fit in a post-pandemic age. Here are three ways it could be done:

Contactless Device Distribution

Even as the pandemic nears its end, some COVID-19 protocols such as avoiding crowds will likely outlast the disease itself, even though changes to these guidelines might be coming soon. So, it is only reasonable to put in place systems that facilitate contactless transactions. A smart locker system with hardware asset management could do this by providing self-service checkout devices without sacrificing security.

With a smart asset vending system, employees only need to swipe their ID cards or badges to access the locker and take the device they need. The entire transaction would only take seconds. Lines and crowds will be reduced, and you won’t need to assign staff to process the sign-in and out of devices.

Moreover, because of this feature, contact tracing would be easier. With only the user making physical contact with the device, it would be easier for the smart locker system to identify which people to isolate in case an employee gets sick. The system could trace the device the sick employee last used and who may have used it afterward, thus reducing the negative impact on productivity.

Better Asset Visibility

The cost of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and handheld scanners and printers is no joke which is why they require more visibility across the organization.

With cloud-based visibility and tracking, the administrator can easily see who checked out which device, where it is, and when it would be due for return.

This results in better accountability from employees who use company-owned devices, which means less damage, loss, and hoarding of company assets. With better visibility, assets and devices will be kept secure, ultimately reducing costs.

Enhanced Device Maintenance And Repair

A high mobile asset repair and replacement rate can bleed a company’s budget dry. And if that’s not bad enough, the organization is forced to spend even more on keeping expensive spare units on hand. Integrating smart asset and inventory management with an existing IT service management software, maintenance, and repair of a company’s mobile devices becomes a breeze.

Suppose an employee’s smartphone needs repair; they can simply open a ticket from the locker’s interface panel while returning the device inside the locker. This process saves valuable time because you will no longer need staff to manually enter these tickets while the employee reports the issue via phone or email. The employee can create the tickets themselves, and all the IT team has to do is to retrieve the device, make the necessary repairs, or completely replace the unit.

Because an IT asset management system can help companies optimize their mobile device use and keep their assets in good working condition, this translates into lower replacement costs. At the same time, this benefit enables organizations to reallocate the labor that teams previously spent on managing these assets using an outdated process.


Once the employees buy into the new system and the benefits it brings, they won’t ever want to go back to a slow manual process. No one enjoys waiting in line first thing in the morning when they’re supposed to jumpstart their day towards hitting their productivity goals.

It’s a lot smarter and easier to walk up to a locker, have your ID scanned or input a PIN code, and quickly take a smartphone, tablet, or whatever device you need to hit the ground running. The result is people will be happier for not wasting time looking for an asset manager to lend them a device that works.

An organization won’t be able to hit its numbers unless its people reach theirs. So, it only makes sense to do everything possible to help employees get more things done daily. An excellent smart locker system with smart enterprise asset management like Teqtivity is a simple solution to the problems of slow device distribution, lost or misplaced assets, and productivity loss due to the previous two.

When an organization implements an automated solution, employees will show up ready to work, knowing that the devices they need will always be available to help them get results that matter.