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  • 3 Ways A Smart Locker System Enables New Workplace Trends

In almost every workplace, you are always sure to find a set of lockers.  They provide employees with a secure place to store their valuables or important company assets.

However, the way most companies manage lockers is outdated and labor-intensive.  When the global pandemic changed everything about working and engaging in our workplace,   traditional locker systems couldn’t cut it anymore.  That much is true even now, in the post-pandemic era of working.

This post will discuss the three ways smart lockers with a smart asset management system enable the new dynamic ways of working as the world heads into the future of modern offices.

Improved Employee Engagement

According to this 2018 article by Gallup, companies whose employees are engaged in their work are 21% more profitable compared to those whose workers are disengaged.  A high engagement culture in a company impacts a business on multiple levels.  Engaged workers treat customers better.  They’re also more productive, are less prone to accidents, and are healthier overall.

Having asset lifecycle management in place in an organization is key to boosting morale and employee engagement simply because of the freedom and flexibility it offers.  Employees have the freedom to choose a locker in advance and access it on their own time using a convenient self-service method.

With a smart asset vending system, employees can work how they want without worrying about the security of their items.  This is important, especially in companies that have already transitioned to a hybrid workplace.  The workforce is a mix of office workers and those who work from home.

An asset tracking system encourages people to work efficiently, collaborate well with their colleagues, and have the best employee experience even when transitioning from office to home or vice versa in a hybrid setting.  When an organization creates a culture of high employee engagement, everyone is happy.  And an IT asset management system can help them get there.

Enhanced Security

Workplace theft is not an uncommon issue.  It has impacted the productivity, morale, and profits of many companies.  Studies find that organizations that fall victim to theft of noncash property suffer losses of around $98,000.

When it comes to lockers, a secure and reliable storage solution is vital, so everyone in the organization can trust the lockers with personal belongings, as well as confidential work documents and other valuable company assets.

Hardware asset management offers tighter security that traditional lockers could never surpass.  Additionally, they give asset managers complete control over the entire locker fleet with real-time usage data and accurate audits, thus, reducing theft significantly.  Insights can be specific down to individual lockers.  This helps solve the problems of missing belongings.

The system informs administrators about the last person who used the locker, which can also help aid in contact tracing.  With this security in place, more autonomy and accountability are created in the workplace.  Access to the locker can be revoked remotely when needed in a few seconds.  IT teams can also create or change protocols that match whatever new needs emerge.

With this, every organization is prepared for anything that happens.

Peace Of Mind Regarding Health And Safety

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, every establishment had to rethink how they operate daily.  Companies had to remodel their business practices around a strict no-touch policy.  Contactless smart lockers came to the rescue.

Employees can hand over work items without the need for physical face-to-face contact.  Once an item is deposited into the locker, an email or SMS notification gets sent to the intended recipient.  The notification comes with the dedicated PIN or any other form of authentication needed to open the locker.  It could be a company badge or app, making it almost a 100% touchless experience.

Though we’re already in a post-pandemic era, it still pays to maximize hygiene protocols to ensure employees a worry-free healthy, and safe storage.  An asset tracking solution like Teqtivity can give that peace of mind regarding health and safety protocols, ensuring that every employee has an available and clean locker for their use.


With its ability to drastically reduce costs, and time consumption associated with locker allocation and management, the best IT asset management solutions can bring any organization into the digital age. 

Asset managers can grant employees access to hardware assets instead of having staff ship them or deliver the items themselves.  High-value equipment or manufacturing parts can be handed off securely.

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, expect an increase in demand for self-service and hassle-free storage solutions.  Smart lockers are now becoming a necessary component in the office as they enable organizations to adapt quickly whenever the workplace needs change.