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  • 71% of Employees Don’t Return Company Equipment: How IT Asset Management Can Help

According to Capterra’s 2022 Employee Offboarding Survey, a staggering 71% of HR professionals reported that at least one departing employee failed to return company equipment like laptops or mobile phones. This statistic is even more concerning for remote and hybrid workers, with nearly 17% more likely to withhold equipment compared to on-site employees. These missing devices often contain sensitive data, and their loss can expose companies to security risks and financial losses.

While onboarding is crucial for integrating new hires, offboarding is an equally important process that’s frequently overlooked. Effective offboarding not only safeguards company assets and data but also fosters a positive work environment and minimizes legal liabilities.

How IT Asset Management (ITAM) Streamlines Offboarding

IT Asset Management (ITAM) plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth and secure offboarding process. ITAM tools provide organizations with the following benefits:

Centralized Visibility: Gain a comprehensive view of all IT assets assigned to employees, including hardware, software licenses, and cloud resources.

Automated Workflows: Automate tasks like asset tracking, access revocation, and inventory updates, reducing manual effort and human error.

Improved Compliance: Ensure adherence to data protection regulations through secure data wiping and audit trails.

Enhanced Security: Revoke access to company systems and applications upon employee departure, mitigating security risks.

Teqtivity: Your Offboarding Ally

Teqtivity’s ITAM solution goes beyond basic asset management, offering unique features to simplify offboarding:

HR Integrations: Seamlessly integrate Teqtivity with leading HR systems like BambooHR, Okta, HiBob, and more, to automatically retrieve employee termination data. This eliminates manual data entry and ensures timely asset recovery.

MDM Integrations: Integrate with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions like Jamf, Kandji, and Google Chrome MDM. In cases where equipment isn’t returned, Teqtivity can remotely lock devices or wipe to safeguard sensitive data.

Real-time Return Tracking: The Teqtivity and Retriever integration provides real-time visibility into equipment returns, allowing you to track progress and identify any outstanding assets.

Key ITAM Strategies for Effective Offboarding

In addition to leveraging ITAM tools, here are key strategies for a successful offboarding process:

Establish clear policies and procedures: Outline the offboarding process for IT assets, including asset return protocols and access revocation guidelines.

Maintain accurate asset inventory: Regularly update your asset inventory to ensure all hardware and software licenses are accounted for.

Automate workflows: Utilize ITAM tools to automate repetitive tasks like asset tracking and access revocation.

Conduct regular audits: Perform periodic audits to identify discrepancies and potential security vulnerabilities.

Develop a comprehensive offboarding checklist: Create a step-by-step checklist to ensure a smooth and efficient offboarding process. This checklist should include tasks like identifying assigned assets, notifying employees of return procedures, conducting inventory checks, collecting physical assets, updating asset management systems, revoking access to digital accounts, and conducting exit interviews.

The Benefits of Effective Offboarding

By implementing a well-defined offboarding process supported by ITAM tools, organizations can achieve several benefits:

Reduced Security Risks: Mitigate the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access by promptly revoking access upon employee departure.

Improved Compliance: Ensure adherence to data protection regulations through secure data handling practices.

Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline offboarding workflows through automation and centralized asset management.

Cost Savings: Minimize the loss of valuable equipment and avoid the need for replacements.

Positive Work Environment: Foster a positive company culture by demonstrating respect for departing employees.


Effective offboarding is an essential component of any organization’s IT security strategy. By leveraging ITAM tools and implementing best practices, companies can ensure a smooth transition for departing employees while safeguarding valuable assets and protecting sensitive data.