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  • What is IT Asset Management & why it makes sense for education institutions?

What is ITAM?

Before we dive into this, let’s cover the basics— ITAM is short for IT Asset Management. An IT Asset includes all devices that your organization owns like laptops, tablets, software licenses, accessories and the list goes on. Having an ITAM solution like Teqtivity allows you to effectively manage and optimize your devices. 

Why ITAM makes sense for education institutions?

Just as librarians keep track of the books that are checked in and out from the shelves using software, your IT department could also benefit from having ITAM software to manage your school’s technology. Below we will outline reasons your institution can benefit from an ITAM solution:

  • Efficiency 

First off, efficiency. Picture this: your school has a laptop for each student and staff, quickly becoming a large number of assets your IT team has to track. Typically, IT Departments have different excel sheets and use different software to try to manage all IT assets. With an ITAM solution all of the information you need is accessible in one place at all times avoiding any tech nightmares. You know exactly where each laptop is, which licenses need renewing, and when updates are due. In turn, this saves your IT Department time and confusion. 

  • Cost Reduction

It is no surprise that education budgets have become tight, so it is important for institutions to allocate their funds properly. With an ITAM solution you maximize your technology use saving you money you can allocate in other resources. By tracking usage and asset allocation, you avoid unnecessary purchases due to lost assets. Additionally, tracking where your institution’s devices are in real time can ease the handling of devices when it is back-to-school or when it’s time to return devices before summer break. Ensuring the accuracy status of your technology in these periods results in less unnecessary costs. 

  • Security 

In today’s digital world, security cannot be overlooked by educational institutions. With sensitive student data and confidential information on the line, you can’t afford to skimp on protection. ITAM plays a crucial role by ensuring all your devices and software are up-to-date and compliant with security protocols. Teqtivity has integrations with your existing security tools to track vulnerabilities, monitor access, and respond swiftly to any threats. Most security threats are avoidable if the proper precautions are put in place and an ITAM tool helps you manage this. 

  • Scalability 

Schools experience yearly changes specifically with the amount of students enrolled and changes in staff. As your school evolves, so do your IT needs. ITAM provides the flexibility to adapt to changes seamlessly. With ITAM, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your assets, from procurement to retirement, with ease.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are a K-12 institution or a university of a larger size, an ITAM solution is necessary to ensure your technology’s health in the digital age.