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Harness the power of Jamf Pro and Teqtivity

Automated Asset Creation

Seamlessly automate the creation and assignment of assets in real-time within Teqtivity upon device enrollment in Jamf.

Device Visibility

Effortlessly view enrolled devices with comprehensive details about assigned asset users and recent usage.

Discrepancy Reports

Ensure accurate reporting of discrepancies between Teqtivity and Jamf, promptly identifying asset creation or management issues, and variations in asset status.


Automated workflows to lock assets that are lost/stolen or uncollected from terminated employees directly from Teqtivity.

Effortlessly manage your IT assets

Improve Inventory Accuracy

Ensure accurate and real-time tracking of all your IT assets. By maintaining an up-to-date inventory, you can avoid costly errors related to over or under-utilization of assets, enabling better resource planning and allocation.

Enhance Security and Compliance

Safeguard your organization from potential compliance violations. Teqtivity helps you proactively monitor your assets, enabling timely updates and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Lower Costs and Increase Efficiency

You can optimize asset usage and reduce unnecessary purchases. By streamlining procurement processes and identifying underperforming assets, you'll achieve significant cost savings and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Streamline IT Operations

Simplify asset management, making it easier to locate, allocate, and support IT resources. By automating manual tasks and improving asset visibility, your IT team can focus on strategic initiatives, driving innovation and growth.

Teqtivity's asset management system has saved our company time, resource needs, and money by having the ability to seamlessly integrate with many internal and external systems and enable automation.

With their clear understanding of asset management & compliance, we've been able to integrate their system into our day to day support work and upleveled our asset tracking accuracy to the high 90 percentile. One aspect that we brag about when talking about Teqtivity to others is regarding their speed of delivery to any customization asks that we randomly make.- IT Logistics Lead.

Some Of The Features You Expect, And More

Enter Assets Easily

Add assets into the system individually and in bulk for faster receipt processing and asset setup. Or integrate with one of several suppliers for advanced ship notices.

Manage the Complete Asset Lifecycle

Track the history of each asset from its initial receipt to end of life and disposal.

View Inventory Easily

Search your inventory based on asset type, location, or other user attributes.

Track Consumables & Accessories

Keep tabs on all accessory items like cables, chargers, keyboards, mice, toners, and more.

Create Parent/Child Relationships

Pair multiple assets, like a mobile phone and phone number or a server with multiple hard drives, for simple asset tracking.

Record Asset Status Updates

Add custom attachments and attributes to an asset when making status updates, like Certificates of Data Destruction, Data Wipe Confirmation Numbers, Loaner Return Dates, and more.

Authorize User Access

Allow users to view their asset records and verify correct assignments for better accountability.

Add Unlimited Users

Import unlimited users with directory services, HR tools, internal employee record systems, or a simple CSV upload.

Create Unlimited Locations

Create unlimited locations for warehouses, storage rooms, offices, conference rooms, and more. And categorize each location by type, such as storage, installation, and virtual holding spaces.

Manage Assets Globally

Manage multiple locations using site codes, countries, and custom attributes.

Access the Latest Data

Get real-time data on all assets across your organization.

Generate Robust Asset Reports

Create custom reports based on user and location attributes, as well as third party integrations.

Make Smart Business Decisions

Make informed decisions on inventory maintenance and spending using detailed asset reports.

View Asset History

Use asset history to determine who's made changes to assets and when those changes were made.

Export Reports

Easily export data in CSV files for easy sharing and record keeping.

Make Data Easily Accessible

Integrate your internal systems with the REST API to make accessing, deleting, and updating asset data easy for everyone.

Get Maintenance Alerts

Trigger email or ticket alerts to notify you when assets need maintenance or updates.

Monitor Loaned Assets

Ensure loaned assets are returned on time and keep a pulse on lease renewal dates.

Slack Notifications

Integrate Teqtivity with Slack to update channels and threads with important notifications.

Set Asset Requirements

Standardize asset makes, models, and technical specs to increase productivity and automate processes across your organization.

Create Lifecycle Rules

Set lifecycle rules based on your internal language and best practices.

Meet Compliance Standards

Define workflows and reporting procedures to ensure internal compliance rules are met.

Automate Asset Creation

Automate the creation and assignment of assets in real-time.

Automate Asset Security

Automated workflows to lock assets that are lost/stolen or uncollected from terminated employees directly from Teqtivity.

Isolate Inappropriate Asset Use

Ensure assets are being used by the correct assignee and are located in the correct places.

Maximize Asset Use

Reduce wasted assets by verifying their usage.

Manage Mobile Devices

Maintain accurate records of corporate and employee-owned mobile devices -- include phone number usage -- to reduce monthly spending.

Build Custom Reports

We build custom reporting tools, so you can access custom reports on an ongoing basis.

Setup Custom Notifications

Our team develops unlimited notifications to match your internal processes and preferences.

Make Your Own Rules

Our custom development allows you to create rules and processes that meet the needs of your growing business.

Create Unique Asset Lifecycles

Decrease errors and ensure proper tracking with unlimited status options and rules.

Integrate With Your Preferred Tools

Integrate with any 3rd party tool to increase visibility, enhance reporting, and add functionality.