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Teqtivity Lifecycle Management

Effortlessly manage your assets

Maintain complete visibility and control of your assets in every stage of their lifecycle. Track tangible and intangible assets to maximize their value and create IT workflows to ensure asset longevity. With Teqtivity, every aspect of asset management is a breeze.

Say goodbye to spreadsheet chaos

Spreadsheets are an asset management nightmare. Using our asset tracking software, you can view entire asset histories including point of origin, assignments, inventories within storage locations, and assigned end users in one place. And you can generate reports with a few clicks for easier audits and analysis.

Simplify your onboarding and offboarding

The onboarding tool allows you to filter all of your upcoming new hires by start dates and work location; you can easily allocation inventory and make their onboarding experience a breeze. The offboarding tool allows you to see who is departing from the company and when so your asset collection team can have a single source for their collection activities.

Stay compliant & save money

Asset values must be tracked to ensure compliance and guarantee future funding. With Teqtivity, your administrators can conduct customized audits quickly and securely using established system rules. And you can use the custom reporting features to make smarter decisions about existing inventory and new asset purchases.

Get a personalized ITAM solution

You don’t have time to waste on a run-of-the-mill product. Our development team customizes Teqtivity to fit your specific business requirements, so you can maximize your ROI. Whether you need unique status rules, custom reports, or integrations with other business tools, our team of experts can help you get it done.

Seamless Integration with...

  • Jira Software
  • Jamf
  • Workspace One
  • Mobile Iron
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Active directory
  • Okta
  • Revivn
  • CDW
  • Code 42
  • Onelogin
  • Slack

Teqtivity's asset management system has saved our company time, resource needs, and money by having the ability to seamlessly integrate with many internal and external systems and enable automation.

With their clear understanding of asset management & compliance, we've been able to integrate their system into our day to day support work and upleveled our asset tracking accuracy to the high 90 percentile. One aspect that we brag about when talking about Teqtivity to others is regarding their speed of delivery to any customization asks that we randomly make.- IT Logistics Lead

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