INDUSTRY Ride-sharing and food delivery

Uber is a global leader in ride-sharing and food delivery, providing riders with convenient, affordable options while offering drivers economic opportunities. Uber’s disruptive model offers a seamless experience with transparent pricing and a robust rating system. Their core mission is to revolutionize urban transportation, reducing drunk driving and enhancing accessibility. Today, Uber is a global symbol of on-demand mobility and food delivery.

Why companies need accurate ITAM data

Inaccurate data in IT Asset Management (ITAM) can lead to financial losses, compliance issues, underutilized resources, security vulnerabilities, data inefficiency, operational hiccups, strategic misalignment, and damage to an organization’s reputation.

“Accurate data is essential for timely action, minimizing wait times, maximizing funds, and ensuring security. It simplifies processes and speeds up remediation. Without reliable data, your processes become inefficient– data buttons up processes.”

For IT & security, accurate and up-to-date information are the core measures of a successful organization. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date asset data is crucial for effective cost control, compliance, and efficient IT resource management– this is where Teqtivity comes into play.

Previous Process / Problem

Uber’s operations are global, operating in 83+ countries and holding over 600 offices. Given the sheer scale of its expansive global operations, accurate data is imperative to maintaining a single-pane-of-glass view across continents—inaccurate and disparate data in any organization can lead to vulnerabilities, misalignment and more. 

“Our short-term aim was to enhance fleet accuracy in the asset register. Long-term, our focus is on scalability and automation, minimizing redundancies.”

Driving efficiency

Teqtivity’s role in decreasing OPEX & enhancing data accuracy for Uber

With Teqtivity’s comprehensive system, Uber efficiently manages all end-user IT devices, seamlessly handling onboarding, offboarding provisioning, and device collections. Uber has significantly reduced manual errors and administrative overhead by automating these critical processes, leading to streamlined operations and improved productivity. 


Reduction in OPEX


Data accuracy, globally.



Device Return Rate


Since 2018, Uber has relied on Teqtivity’s IT Asset Management solution to streamline its operations. With Teqtivity’s expertise and commitment to excellence, they have achieved over 97% asset management accuracy, facilitating seamless onboarding, offboarding, and inventory tracking, leading to an 85% Device Return Rate, up from 10% in and over $4M reduction in OPEX.

“Teqtivity is recognized as a compliance tool at Uber and has enabled us with many automated processes for onboarding and offboarding asset provisioning and collection, financial-related reporting and more.”

Teqtivity’s automated processes have enhanced efficiency and established their system as a compliance tool, ensuring successful audits without fail. Teqtivity comes highly recommended for any IT department seeking a reliable asset management partner.