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Mergers and Acquisitions have become increasingly common as a business strategy for companies seeking expansion, increased market share, profit, diversification, and other benefits. M&A is the process of two companies merging into a new entity or a larger company taking over a smaller one, resulting in the smaller company ceasing to exist. The reasons for […]

IT Asset Management, or ITAM, is now a familiar concept to organizations worldwide. It is widely acknowledged that a good ITAM system can bring numerous benefits, including improved asset lifecycle management and increased efficiency. However, if you think that ITAM is solely about these benefits, you are missing out on one of its most significant […]

We all know the importance of having a strong and efficient IT Asset Management (ITAM) tool in our organization to manage our IT assets and automate basic and advanced ITAM operations. A strong ITAM tool is an essential capability for an organization to ensure the smooth running of their business operations sans the worry and […]

In today’s digital age, IT assets have become a critical component of any organization’s success. Devices and materials can be turned into an asset only if we are able to efficiently utilize their full potential, the same goes for a company’s IT assets as well. To ensure the proper use of IT assets, it is […]

Adapting to the current trends is the backbone of any organization’s survival. During the global crisis, remote work or work from home became the norm for office operations for almost every organization, regardless of their industry. What was previously an exception for a few employees became the new normal.  Thanks to advancing technologies and software […]

Healthcare is yet another industry apart from the IT industry that involves a humongous number of assets. Diagnostic and laboratory equipment, surgical gear, medicines, and even IT assets such as computers and computer-aided machinery form a significant investment in a hospital. A large scale multi-specialty hospital will often find it challenging to manually keep track […]

Whatever industry and size, any business can benefit from an efficient ITAM (IT Asset Management) system, from a small family business to a multinational corporation. One component of this system is smart lockers, smart technology-driven storage lockers. They are used for securing and controlling reusable company equipment and managing workflows and are integrated with cloud-based software […]

It is unfortunate that even with significant advancements in technology, most businesses do not employ software systems to optimize their productivity. Statistics reveal that almost 30% of businesses do not know where their assets are or who is using them. In 70% of companies, there is a discrepancy between the assets registered on the manual […]

Whether firearms or safety tools, law enforcement officers use plenty of equipment to perform their everyday jobs. They also deal with evidence which could be any item of any size and shape. Most common of which are narcotics. Law enforcement agencies must ensure that these items are safe and secure. They also need to inspire […]