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Welcome to Teqtivity, your trusted partner in IT asset management! Our comprehensive suite of IT asset management services and cutting-edge software solutions streamline your IT operations, improve efficiency, and maximize the value of your IT investments. Unlocking Value with Teqtivity IT Asset Management System Our IT asset management system is a powerful tool that helps […]

At Teqtivity, we understand that managing your IT assets throughout their lifecycle can be challenging. That’s why Teqtivity is here to simplify the process for you. We provide comprehensive IT equipment lifecycle management and IT asset management solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our Services IT Equipment Lifecycle Management: Managing IT equipment throughout its lifecycle […]

In the ever-evolving world of technology, has evolved into a critical necessity for businesses spanning every scale and sector. An IT Asset Management (ITAM) tool can make all the difference by streamlining processes, optimizing resource utilization, and ensuring compliance. However, with the multitude of options available, choosing the right ITAM tool can be a daunting […]

Businesses are becoming more reliant on their IT infrastructure to drive growth, innovation, and efficiency. As a result, managing IT assets has emerged as a critical component of successful business operations. IT Asset Management (ITAM) encompasses the processes and strategies that enable organizations to effectively acquire, deploy, track, maintain, and retire their IT assets. From […]

The need for innovative solutions to mitigate environmental impacts has never been more pressing. One solution that holds great promise is the concept of a circular economy. The circular economy approach redefines our relationship with resources and materials to minimize waste, reduce carbon emissions, and create a more sustainable future. Teqtivity, a forward-thinking organization, is […]

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, businesses are deeply reliant on their IT infrastructure to propel productivity, foster innovation, and secure a competitive edge. As a result, managing and optimizing IT assets has become a critical task for organizations worldwide. In its nascent stage, adopting IT Asset Management (ITAM) was primarily perceived as a laborious and […]

According to a report by Gartner, it is estimated that 75% of organizations will utilize automated IT Asset Management (ITAM) tools to optimize their IT lifecycle management processes by the end of this year. That’s up 25% from just five years ago! Automating the IT asset lifecycle management process through a dashboard of ITAM tools […]

Are you thinking about implementing IT asset management strategies in your organization? Effective IT asset management practices are crucial for companies of all sizes, especially as they move toward hybrid or remote environments for work. ITAM tools are significant in tracking, managing, and optimizing a business’s IT assets, wherever and whenever. However, selecting the right […]

Cultivating a streamlined and efficient IT ecosystem is essential in any modern organization. IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a crucial aspect of any organization as it provides valuable insights into the organization’s IT inventory, usage, and physical condition. With the right ITAM tool, organizations can go beyond mere management and experience enhanced workforce efficiency and […]

Organizing and triaging customer inquiries from numerous channels is already difficult for support agents. Adding to the complexity, studies show that 73% of consumers intend to continue using new support channels. This further emphasizes the need for an effective strategy to serve customers with prompt and effective responses continuously. So how can this be addressed? […]

With the ever-changing landscape of the IT industry, IT assets have become ubiquitous across industries and organizations. Regardless of their core services, organizations now recognize the importance of having IT assets in their possession, whether through an in-house IT department or by outsourcing IT services to specialized organizations. It is, therefore, crucial for businesses to […]

ITAM is for everybody and anybody. It is an inclusive discipline that holds relevance for individuals and organizations across the board. While this notion might seem ambitious, it is undoubtedly true. IT Asset Management, or ITAM, is a crucial aspect that benefits individuals and organizations across various industries, including education. ITAM encompasses a comprehensive range […]

Mergers and Acquisitions have become increasingly common as a business strategy for companies seeking expansion, increased market share, profit, diversification, and other benefits. M&A is the process of two companies merging into a new entity or a larger company taking over a smaller one, resulting in the smaller company ceasing to exist. The reasons for […]

IT Asset Management, or ITAM, is now a familiar concept to organizations worldwide. It is widely acknowledged that a good ITAM system can bring numerous benefits, including improved asset lifecycle management and increased efficiency. However, if you think that ITAM is solely about these benefits, you are missing out on one of its most significant […]

We all know the importance of having a strong and efficient IT Asset Management (ITAM) tool in our organization to manage our IT assets and automate basic and advanced ITAM operations. A strong ITAM tool is an essential capability for an organization to ensure the smooth running of their business operations sans the worry and […]